Staff Capacity Building

Employees are a key determinant of an organization’s success and are often the “face” of the agency to customers and stakeholders. Maintaining a well-trained, well-qualified workforce is a critical function of both individual managers and public agencies as a whole. Management Analysis & Development (MAD) consultants can help managers get the best from their employees through these types of activities:

  • Analysis of team dynamics and employee work performance challenges;
  • Individual coaching and consultation to enhance leadership capacity to identify, address and deal with group and individual performance challenges;
  • Creation of clear and succinct position descriptions that clarify work responsibilities, provide the foundation for performance discussions, and facilitate effective hiring;
  • Assessment of individual and group strengths, competencies, and challenges; and
  • Development and implementation of intervention strategies to improve employee and team performance.

MAD's clients benefit from our ability to work closely with them to identify short and long term performance interventions that are practical and appropriate to public sector environments. Our consultants have expertise in organizational development, team function and training.